The Challenge

The London College of International Business Studies believes in making the very best education available to anyone, delivering courses globally and streaming live lectures from the London campus for students anywhere in the world.
The Durban LCIBS campus needed to support lectures streamed from London and provide students with complete mobility solutions to study anywhere. It was time to move forward and help students in less accessible regions.

The Solution

By changing their educational infrastructure and development approach to cloud-centred technologies, LCIBS brought their courses to a wider audience in a secure and reliable way. Working with Microsoft Cloud Experts, they built a more secure, always-on, global content creation and distribution platform using OpenSource technologies on Azure, integrated with Office 365.

The Impact

As a result, LCIBS now has a secure digital course curriculum provided on-demand. It offers more interactivity for learners, like live lecture streaming using Azure Media Services, and the ability to work with educators remotely. Students can now authenticate using Office 365 and are encouraged to collaborate with the rich education tools built into Office 365. Azure Media also makes it cost effective for students to stream content.

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